Flower Garden (4-8-4)

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Flower Garden Fertilizer

Just go organic! Dr. Earth Flower Garden Fertilizer is a hand-crafted organic blend that promotes bigger, more abundant blooms… NATURALLY! Each 4 lb box feeds 55 square feet of garden space or 80 one-gallon plants.

• 100% Natural & Organic — eliminates the need for chemical fertilizers!
• Slow release — feeds plants and soils over time!
• Promotes stronger, more vigorous blooms — NO growth spikes!
• Contains PRO-BIOTIC Seven Champion strains of beneficial soil microbes
• Contains Eight select strains of Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae
SAFE for people and pets

Available size: 4 lb Box

Apply Dr. Earth Organic 6 every other month throughout the growing season. For new plantings, add 1-1/2 cups per 10 square feet during soil preparation, or 1/4 cup for a one gallon plant. For established plants, add one cup for every 10 square feet of growing area, or topdress one Tbsp per 6” container (4 Tbsp per 12” container). Can also be mixed with water for foliar feeding or deep root feeding. See product label for specific instructions.

Ingredients: Fish bone meal, feather meal, alfalfa meal, potassium sulfate, soft rock phosphate, seaweed extract and seven strains of Pro-Biotic beneficial soil microbes, PLUS Ecto and Endo Mycorrhizae.