FinaleBoost (3-0-16)

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This finesse application of potassium (16%) brings plants to peak maturity. FinaleBoost lets established flowers transform into clearly superior fruit — in quality, quantity, taste and nutrition.

Unique Features:
• Supports the perfect transition from flower to fruit
• Creates full-bodied and highly nutritious produce
• Simple pinpoint application of specific minerals saves time, money and soil microenvironments
• Improves water retention

Available in 250ml and 500ml sizes.

Mix 6-20 ml per 5 gallons for a regular feeding, depending on desired results. For a foliar spray, mix 2.5 ml per liter for maintenance or 5 ml per liter for repair.

Aptus ‘Extreme’ Feed Schedule – PDF format
Online Nutrient Calculator (external link)

Grower’s Tip:
For increased harvest and crop quality, add higher dosages during the last 3-4 weeks of flowering.

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