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FELCO 6 Pruning Shears

This model delivers all of the performance you’d expect from the Swiss manufacturer in a slightly smaller package. The FELCO 6 Pruner was built for heavy use while reducing hand and wrist fatigue. Ergonomic handles and an angled cutting blade ease the physical stress of pruning chores, especially for those with medium-sized hands. As always, all parts are replaceable.

Unique Features:
• Anvil-type pruner
• Forged aluminum handles and steel blades
• Built in wire cutting notch
• Adjustable cutting mechanism
• 7.7 in. long; cuts branches up to 0.8 in. diameter
• For right-handed gardeners with average hands
• 1-year manufacturer’s warranty

Grower’s Tip:
The blades, cushioned handles, adjustable cutting system and shock absorber can all be replaced, extending the life of your pruners indefinitely. The blades can also be sharpened for maximum cutting power, anytime.