EZ Clone Water

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EZ Clone Water Pump 1

Available in THREE sizes! EZ Clone Water Pumps have only one moving part with NO motor seals to leak or wear out. They are energy efficient while producing high flow rates and are safe to use in small or large reservoirs — will NOT get hot. Includes an adjustable filter to prevent large debris from clogging misters.

Use as a replacement pump for coning machines and many other hydroponic applications.

Available Sizes:
• 750 – 700 GPH, fits 30-site units
• 925 – 800 GPH, fits 60-site units
• 1125 – 925 GPH, fits 120-site units

Grower’s Tip:
Ensure that the electrical cord loops below the wall outlet to form a “Drip Loop.” This will prevent water from running down the cord into the outlet.