Rooting Compound

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2 oz Container

EZ Clone Rooting Compound

Get rooted. Get growing. EZ Clone Rooting Compound is a specially formulated cloning gel designed to promote root growth in softwood and hardwood cuttings. It is an easy to use formula that was designed specifically for the EZCLONE cloning system but can be used with all other methods of cloning.

Available size: 2 oz Container

Unique Features:
• Designed to initiate rapid root growth
• Use with softwood and hardwood cuttings
• Quickly seals the tissue around the cut stem
• Includes the proper nutrition for robust root development
• Easy to use — Just dip away!

Use a sharp, sterile blade to cut your most promising starts and immediately dip the fresh cutting in 1/2 to 1-inch of gel. Insert cutting into neoprene collar or rooting medium.