Epic 8

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Epic 8 Reflector

The best bulb will only get you so far in indoor gardening. With the Sunlight Supply Epic 8 Reflector, you’ll have the power of a 98% reflective surface to make every watt count. The 8-inch cooling ducts and bolstered sealing points give the system cool, solid performance.

Unique Features:

Epic, indeed. Every element offers quality, efficiency and performance.

Your plants will soak in the light with a 98% reflective “Silver” German aluminum interior.

Excellent attention to detail! Even the restrike panel is 95% reflective textured German aluminum.

No gaps in this cooling system! Sealing is completely tight with a double-gasketed glass lens, captured thumb screws and locking mechanism.

Safety feature prevents the glass lens from releasing from the hood.

Convenient integrated socket and 15-ft. lamp cord.

Size: 44.75″L x 33.75″W x 8″H

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