Environmental Controller (EVC-2)

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Environmental Controller (EVC-2) 1

Sentinel has combined digital temperature and humidity controls together in one flexible Environmental Controller called the EVC-2. It is EXTREMELY accurate and can adjust temperature and humidity levels independently OR combine the functions to activate together.

Unlike other controllers, the EVC-2 has been designed to be easy to understand. Each function has a clearly identified “push button” and a large LCD display. No complicated menus to negotiate. It also records minimum and maximum temperature and humidity levels.

The EVC-2 also has a 16-foot remote probe assembly so the temperature and humidity can be measured exactly where you want it… at plant level.

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Unique Features:
• Combines digital temperature & humidity controls together in one flexible unit.
• Two additional features which activate a Night Device and a CO2 device.
• Controls your Temperature & Humidity separate or together with DIGITAL accuracy.
• Photocell allows day / night temperature & humidity settings and also provides daytime CO2 operation.
• Remote combination temperature and humidity sensor probe with 15 foot cable.
• Easy to use with each function clearly identified by a push button and a large LC display.
• Record & recall minimum and maximum temperature & humidity levels.
• Two temperature modes, Heating & Cooling.
• Separate humidity control to add or remove humidity.
• Adjustable temperature dead band.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.