Environmental Controller (EVC-1)

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Environmental Controller (EVC-1) 1

Temperature… Humidity & CO2. What do they have in common? They’re all environmental conditions inside a growing area that need to be controlled for successful gardening. The Sentinel Environmental Controller operates all that and more.

The EVC-1 has been designed to maintain a specific temperature and humidity within an area. It controls temperatures by operating a device such as an air-conditioner or exhaust fans.

The humidity can either be separately controlled or combined with the temperature control. The EVC-1 can also be set to either increase or decrease the humidity to a specific level. It can coordinate the use of supplemental CO2 with the temperature control function. The EVC-1 is the best and most cost effective “analog” controller on the market.

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Unique Features:
• Reliable and simple to use.
• Temperature and humidity can be controlled together or separately.
• Can be set to increase or decrease humidity to a specified level.
• Built in photocell activates CO2 device during the day.
• Night device outlet can control an exhaust fan / sulfur burner, etc.
• Most cost effective analog controller on the market.
• 3-year manufacturer’s warranty.