Elf & Goblin Filters

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Grow Tent Filter

Filled with 100% virgin coconut charcoal, these lightweight grow tent filters are specifically designed and sized to hang inside your HydroHut. Perfect for smaller growing areas, too!

Available in TWO convenient sizes:

Elf Filter
• Weight: 6.7 lbs.
• 4-inch diameter intake collar
• 10 inches tall
• 6 inches total diameter
• Optimal CFM Range: 150-265

Goblin Filter:
• Weight: 14 lbs.
• 6-inch diameter intake collar
• 16 inches tall
• 9 inches total diameter
• Optimal CFM Range: 265-465

Grower’s Tip:
Heat and humidity greatly reduce the effectiveness of activated charcoal filters. Therefore, it is important that you air-cool lights inside your grow tent. Again, HEAT and HUMIDITY will reduce your ability to filter (absorb) organic molecules.