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Eco Growing System
Eco Growing SystemEco Grower

Use indoors or out to grow beautiful tomatoes, herbs and vegetables. The Eco Grow System incorporates a patented sub-irrigation reservoir, drainage and aeration system to achieve faster plant growth and healthier gardens. Water is stored in the reservoir and taken in by the plants’ roots only when needed — prevents over and under watering. Made in the USA.

System Includes:
SIX 3-gallon Eco Pots
ONE 8-foot section of polyethylene tubing
SIX 2 GPH pressure compensating emitters
ONE service cleaning filter
ONE 25-PSI pressure regulator
ONE 3/4-inch fitting
TWO 4-way prongs
ONE T-fitting
(just add coconut coir — the recommended growing medium — and plants)

Tech Guide – PDF format
Product Manual – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Mix in a slow release all purpose or plant specific fertilizer to the propagation media (coco or soilless media recommended). This will ensure your plants get the nutrients they need at all times.