Easy-Care Orchids

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Easy-Care Orchids 1

Get ready to bring home some EXOTICA! Easy Care Orchids provides professional advice and simple instructions on how to grow and maintain SIX common orchids. Armed with this nifty little instructional booklet, you’ll enjoy the pleasure of adorning your home with the magical beauty of these surprisingly hardy flowers. By Mary Carol Frier. Paperback, 32 pp.

The six orchids featured in Easy-Care Orchids are:
• Cattleya (Queen of the Orchids)
• Cymbidium (Boat Orchids)
• Dendrobium (“Phalaenopsis Type”)
• Oncidium (Dancing Lady)
• Paphiopedilum (Lady Slipper)
• Phalaenopsis (Moth Orchids)

Grower’s Tip:
Many orchids are no more difficult to grow than the average houseplant. The information in this bulletin will help you select the right variety and keep it thriving.