Earth Enzymes

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Earth Enzymes Natural Drain Opener

Build-Up Remover & Drain Maintainer. Natural Drain Opener uses ingredients which include a proprietary enzyme system to effectively break up and remove grease, hair, tissue, soap scum and other tough organics that cause drain blockage.

Earth Enzymes by Earth Friendly Products also contains bacterial cultures which continue to digest the organic wastes after they are broken up.

Available size: 2 lb Container

Unique Features:
• Septic tank, cesspool and gray-water system SAFE
• Eliminates odors — NO harsh fumes
• Non-caustic, non-toxic & phosphate FREE
• 100% biodegradable
NO petroleum ingredients
• Cruelty free

Mix two cups natural drain opener with two quarts water and pour down clogged drain. Follow with two cups of water. Rinse mixing container thoroughly before reusing. SAFE for all plumbing and septic systems.

Ingredients: Sodium sesquicarbonate, bacterial mixtures and proteolytic enzyme.

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