Dutch Master Reverse

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Dutch Master Reverse 1

Dutch Master Reverse is a ready to use (no dilution required) foliar spray that quickly and efficiently brings peace to a grower’s worst nightmare… awful seed problems! Fix it simply and quickly (as little as 2 sprays) with this unique formulation of specialty minerals & amino acids.

Modern Science allows Reverse to achieve this remarkable feat by channeling selected minerals and amino acids into the Mesophyll layer of the plant. This layer is responsible for most of a plants energy production (Photosynthesis) and more importantly is the starting point of all the metabolic pathways.

Simply put, the selected minerals and amino acids in this product assist the plant in channeling the correct metabolites in the pathways responsible for flowering, correcting any imbalances like the one that causes hermaphrodism (male flowers).


Step 1: Pour the amount you need into a spray bottle. Typically 1-pint (16 oz.) is enough for one application for the average sized garden.

Step 2: Add Saturator at the rate of 2 teaspoons per quart.

Step 3: Shake the spray bottle with the solution to make sure it is well mixed.

Step 4: Important you must spray the solution within 15 minutes of adding.

Step 5: Make sure your lights are a minimum of 24 inches from the tops of your plants then spray your plants until the leaves are evenly coated with the solution. You only need to spray the top surface of the leaf because Saturator will deliver absolutely everything you need inside the leaf.

Step 6: Spray your plants once, then once again 10 days later making sure you spray any male flowers you see.