Dutch Master Folitech

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Dutch Master Folitech 1

A powerful foliar nutrient! If your plants are stressed then they are not growing to their full potential. Folitech by Dutch Master allows your plants to recover from stress immediately, effectively maintaining normal growth rates and patterns. Keep some in your cupboard — it’s the ultimate insurance policy for when things go wrong! Available in both Grow and Flower formulas.


Step 1: For every 1 quart of final spray solution add 4 tbsp. of Folitech together with 4 tbsp. of Dutch Master Saturator.

Step 2: Shake the spray bottle with the solution to make sure it is well mixed. NO need to Ph adjust.

Step 3: Make sure HID lights are a minimum of 18 to 24 inches above plants. Spray solution until the leaves are evenly coated and some runoff occurs. You only need to spray the top surface of the leaf because Saturator will deliver everything inside the leaf. If you needed to raise your lights to spray you may lower them back down after 10 minutes as all the solution will be absorbed into the leaf within this time.

Step 4: Spray plants using the above method twice per week (or every 3rd day) all the way through the growth cycle when using the Grow formula and up until approximately the 4th week of flowering when using the Flower formula.

Step 5: DO NOT use with Max-FX if you are using Liquid Light!

Grower’s Tip:
You can safely spray this product on your plants all the way through grow and for the first 4 to 5 weeks of flowering without any mold or fungus problems. After weeks 4 to 5 the plants susceptibility to these problems increases and we do NOT recommend spraying after this time.