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Flower, Drumstick
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Also known as Billy Button, Drumstick flowers (Craspedia globosa) grow 3-feet tall and yield brilliant golden-yellow, 1-inch wide, blossoms on sturdy stems. Striking blooms last all season long and are popular in fresh or dried bouquets. (Annual)

Each packet contains approximately 50 seeds.

Planting and Growing Tips:
Native to Australia, New Zealand and Tasmania, these easy to grow plants thrive in most soil types and full to partial sun. Sow indoors under lights 6- to 8-weeks before the last frost date of spring or direct sow — barely cover with soil — in prepared garden beds once temperatures have warmed. Thin seedlings 12- to 18-inches apart in all directions and spread a layer of mulch around plants to conserve moisture and prevent weeds.

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