Dill, Bouquet (Organic)

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Dill, Bouquet (Organic) 1
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Extremely popular! Heirloom Bouquet Dill is an early maturing plant with dark green leaves, 6-foot flowering umbels, and an intoxicating aroma. Excellent yields. (Annual) CERTIFIED ORGANIC Learn more about Growing Dill here.

Each packet contains approximately 500 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Plants grow vigorously and will readily volunteer each year. Sow seeds outdoors — just below the soil surface — early in the spring when the ground has warmed. Thin seedlings 12- to 18-inches apart in rows or beds. Appreciates full sun and well drained, rather poor soil for best flavor.

Begin harvesting the fern-like leaves 8 to 10 weeks after planting. Cut close to the stem. Use shortly after harvest — flavor is lost quickly! Collect seed later in the season as the flower heads mature.

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