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Say good bye to petroleum-based plastic planters! CowPots are a revolutionary seed starting container made from biodegradable, 100% composted manure. These eco-friendly “pots you plant” help reduce transplant shock and allow for unrestricted root growth.

Best of all, CowPots quickly biodegrade after planting giving your plants a healthy kick-start with all the benefits of manure. Made by American dairy farmers for plant lovers everywhere.

Unique Features:
• Once planted — they biodegrade fast!
• Roots easily penetrate the manure-fibers
• Healthier roots = stronger plants
• Enriches garden soil, naturally!
• Winner of numerous gardening awards
• Approved for use on organic farms

Available in THREE convenient sizes (see drop down menu).

Grower’s Tip:
Cow Pots last for months in the greenhouse, yet the naturally porous property of manure enables tender, young roots to easily penetrate the sides and bottoms. This allows for air pruning and the formation of root buds and secondary root development throughout the container providing dense, healthy root systems recognized as critical to growing healthy, attractive plants.