Cotton Shower Curtain

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Cotton Shower Curtain 1

Keeps water in the tub…and vinyl liners out of the dump! The Cotton Shower Curtain resists mildew and mold by drying quickly and not trapping moisture against the inside of the tub like plastic liners do. After showering simply spread the curtain out to air dry, and try not to leave it gathered at one end of the tub.

Does not have the annoying property of billowing out towards the shower spray like lightweight plastic liners do. It’s also washable!

Demonstrates your concern for our planet’s environment by reducing chemical and plastic use, reducing landfill mess, as well as beautifying your bathroom environment by bringing nature into your everyday life.

Available colors: Natural or white (bleached in hydrogen peroxide) with nickel plated brass grommets. Hand-crafted here in the USA. 72″ W x 72″ L.

Curtain Hooks (sold separately) have wheels for smooth gliding across your shower bar. Open hook design makes it easy to take the curtain off for washing.