Tom Thumb (Organic)

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Corn, Tom Thumb Popcorn (Organic) 1
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An ornamental popcorn, Tom Thumb was originally bred by Professor Elwyn Meader at the University of New Hampshire. Dwarf, 3-1/2 foot tall plants produce 1 to 2 ears, each measuring up to 4 inches long. A good heirloom variety for coastal and short-season growing areas. (85-90 days) CERTIFIED ORGANIC

Each packet contains approximately 50 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Plant this warm-season vegetable directly into the soil two weeks after your average last-frost date. Sow 1 inch deep, 8 to 12 inches apart. Crops require full sun, ample water and deep rich organic soil to perform well.

Harvest ears three weeks after tassels appear. Look for brown silks, dark green husks and plump kernels that squirt “milky” liquid when pinched; clear juice is immature. Prepare and cook shortly after picking — flavor is lost quickly!

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