Cooling – Heating Thermostat (THERM-1)

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Cooling - Heating Thermostat (THERM-1) 1

The Sentinel THERM-1 provides an easy to use and economical way to control the temperature of air, water or soil in your indoor grow room. Simply connect your cooling – heating equipment (fan, heater, air conditioner or other device) to the THERM-1… select the desired temperature, and sit back and watch it work.

Unique Features:
• Reliable and easy to use
• Controls any cooling or heating device that operates on 120v and is 15 amps or less
• Once connected to the THERM-1, the device is turned ON/ OFF when the temperature changes
• Plugs directly into any 120v wall outlet
• Remote temperature sensor has a 50-inch long cable and is waterproof
• Adjustable from 50-104° Fahrenheit
• Selectable to be used in heating and cooling mode