Cold Climate Gardening

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Cold Climate Gardening Book

How to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days. Northern gardeners are allowed fewer mistakes. Yet many of us choose to live in the Snow Belt and are willing to tackle the extra considerations that are needed to coax a vibrant and productive garden through the elements. A lifelong resident of Vermont, Lewis Hill brings you in Cold Climate Gardening through a comprehensive system of strategies and design suggestions to extend your gardening season. You will come through this book with a deepened connection with and understanding of your own land in all of its seasons. By Lewis Hill. Paperback, 308 pp.

Key Features Include:
• Growing food in the North
• Techniques to protect vulnerable plantings
• How to warm soil earlier
• Working with microclimates
• Choosing appropriate species for your area
• Appendices of recommended reading and seed and nursery resources

“This book is a joy as entertainment as well as a wealth of advice on gardening in the frigid zones.” – Publishers Weekly