CO2 Regulator (REG-1)

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CO2 Regulator (REG-1)

Custom Automated Products offers a full range of equipment for the growing enthusiasts. The REG-1 CO2 Regulator combines a precision regulator/ flow gauge and an industrial solenoid valve.

Each unit also comes with the tubing needed to disperse the CO2 evenly throughout your grow room by attaching the tubing to the back of an oscillating fan for even dispersion.

The flow gauge can be set from .5 to 15 Cubic Feet Per Hour. Used in conjunction with a CO2 Controller or timer, it covers a broad range of set-ups.

Includes a 3-year manufacturer’s no hassle warranty. Made in the USA.

Unique Features:
• Designed to work with any control device that is 120v
• Includes a tank pressure gauge to indicate remaining pressure
• Ships complete with a solenoid valve, 6-foot power cord and 10-feet of 1/4″ air line

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Using and transporting bottled CO2 can be DANGEROUS if mishandled. Follow local regulations for transportation and storage of compressed gasses. Even though CO2 is non-flammable, it is stored at very high pressures (up to 1500 PSI).