CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-4e)

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CO2 & Environmental Controller (CO2-4e) 1

The C.A.P. CO2-4e will control the temperature, humidity and CO2 levels within your growing area. It has 4 sequence timers for coordinating the ventilation and the CO2 enrichment. It can also be used with the PPM-1c digital CO2 sensor for PPM accuracy.

Rated for 15 amps @ 120 volts. Includes a 5-year manufacturer’s no hassle warranty. Made in the USA.

Unique Features:
• Lowers temperature by turning on an exhaust fan or AC unit
• Remote temperature probe can be placed up to 30″ from the controller
• Humidity is controlled independently of temperature
• 3 indicator lights verify Exhaust, CO2 ON and PPM level
• Photocell ensures CO2 valve or generator is only active during “lights ON”
• 4 timers are used to coordinate CO2 and exhaust functions

Instruction Manual – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
The CO2-4e requires “free air movement” to maintain accuracy. We recommend using an oscillating fan to provide fresh air for your plants… and your sensor!