Bud Blaster

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Bud Blaster 1

Contains 3 Super Phosphates! SuperNatural Bud Blaster (1-52-31) provides your crop with super phosphates, vitamins and minerals which are rapidly absorbed in the pre-flowering and final ripening stages of plant growth. Will dramatically increase quality and heavy fruit load, especially during the last two weeks of a plants flowering cycle.

Contains vitamins, minerals and three different super phosphates, one of which is imported as an exclusive ingredient of this product. Also contains the highest quality food grade vitamin B-1. This combination of pure ingredients ensures rapid absorption by a plant in its most critical, final ripening stage.

Ingredients are so pure; the powders can be run at much lower strength (ppm) than any other plant food, resulting in the highest quality fruits, vegetables and flowers. pH buffered for soil and soilless mixes requiring NO test equipment.

Unique Features:
• Can be used with all nutrient lines
• Pure and concentrated — A little goes a long way
• Homogenized — Perfect nutrient profile every time!
• Reduces shock and stress during heavy fruit load production
• Easy to use — Dissolves quickly & easily
• pH buffered — Ensures plant absorption and utilization

Available size: 1 lb Container

Apply Bud Blaster during the plants late ripening stage — last two weeks! Can also be used during early flowering at lower concentrations with effective results.

Mix 1-2 tsp per every 20 liters (5 gallons) of nutrient solution.

This product is extremely concentrated and easily absorbed by plants. Be careful with how much you use — if in doubt, use less!

If using during early flowering, remember to use less. No more than 1 tsp per every 20 liters (5 gallons).

Terra Feeding Program – PDF format
Aqua Feeding Program – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
Do NOT use with other flowering and ripening enhancers. Also, be sure to lower your nutrient strength to accommodate this product. WATCH YOUR TOTAL PPM’s (parts per million).