Botany for Gardeners

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Botany for Gardeners Book

The most useful introduction to the science of plants! Botany for Gardeners (3rd edition) is the most complete, compact and accessible introduction to the world of botany available. The new edition has been expanded with dazzling scanning electron microscope photographs and even more amazing facts about plants. Especially timely are new essays on food plants: what makes plants edible, the effects of climate change and the role of genetic engineering. Paperback, 268 pp.

Key Features Include:
• Cells and Seeds: Basics and Beginnings
• Roots and Shoots: How Plants Mature
• Inside Stems, Roots and Leaves
• Adaptations for Protection and to Fulfill Needs
• Control of Growth and Development
• The Uptake and Use of Water, Minerals and Light
• From Flowers to Fruits

“The language is straightforward, the concepts well presented and the information proffered in terms that will make sense to hands-on gardeners.” – Horticulture