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Borage Flower
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Attractive to honeybees! Borage (Borago officinalis) leaves and flowers have a mild cucumber-like flavor and are often used to add color to salads, summer drinks, dips and desserts. Pollinators love the bright blue, star-shaped blossoms and rely on the herb as a nectar source, often covering the entire plant. Plants grow 2- to 3-feet tall and work well in containers and flower gardens. (Annual) Learn How to Grow Borage here.

Each packet contains approximately 100 seeds.

Planting and Harvesting Tips:
Grows well in sunny locations and prefers rich, moist soil. Start indoors 3-4 weeks before the last frost or direct sow — 1/8 inch deep — after all danger of frost has passed. Thin seedlings to one foot apart and trim back occasionally to keep plants tidy.

Harvest leaves and flowers as needed. For best flavor, pick in the early morning when aromatic oils are at their flavorful peak. Young leaves are best used fresh as plants do not dry well.

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