Bluelab Guardian Monitor

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Guardian Monitor

Bluelab Guardian Monitor 1

In just one glance Blulab’s Guardian Monitor measures all three critical parameters for healthy plant growth; pH, conductivity and temperature.

Seasonal changes, sunlight hours, wind, inherent growth — from vegetative to fruiting — are all influencing factors to plant success. More importantly… these parameters change the plants uptake and need of water and specific nutrient elements. The Guardian Monitor is a constant indicator of the desired levels of EC, pH and temperature, enabling you to optimize these parameters as the crop progresses through each growing phase.

Unique Features:
• Large easy to read displays with adjustable brightness
• ‘Plant Safe’ green LED display
• Selectable values for conductivity & temperature
• Simple push button pH calibration
• No calibration required for conductivity & temperature
• Silent alarm for both high and low settings
• Settings retained when power lost (non-volatile memory)
• Automatic temperature compensation
• Water resistant design
• 2-Year Manufacturer’s Warranty

Easy to use, just plug the monitor in and place the probes in your nutrient reservoir.

Instruction Manual – PDF format
Do’s and Don’ts – PDF format

Grower’s Tip:
With the Guardian you have the ability to set high and low alarms — a flashing display lets you know if one parameter moves away from the ideal — so you can have peace of mind and ultimately more time in your day!