Blue Sticky Traps

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5-Pack, Sticky Traps

Blue Sticky Traps

Seabright Laboratories Blue Sticky Traps contain a special color attractant to protect plants from thrips and leafminers. Each package includes five easy-to-open cards that reverse fold to expose a 4″ x 14″ sticky surface — approximately 30 square inches of adhesive area! Perfect for indoor gardeners, orchardists and greenhouse growers.

Unique Features:
• Contains NO pesticides
• Simple, yet highly effective!
• Easy to use and very economical
• Weatherproof — adhesive remains tacky even when wet!
• Includes a grid for precision monitoring

Hang from plant branches with supplied twisty-ties. Space traps every 7-feet or at the end of each row. For severe infestations, shake plants gently and pests will swarm to nearby traps like iron filings to a magnet!

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