Bloom Again Orchids

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Bloom-Again Orchids 1

50 Easy-Care Orchids That Flower Again and Again and Again. Sure orchids are gorgeous, but they make a lot of people nervous. “Aren’t they hard to grow? Can I get one to survive on a windowsill? How do I get my plant to bloom again?”

Orchid expert Judy White has picked fifty of the most easily grown and widely available orchids and tells you exactly how to care for each one. Each profile includes a handy twelve-point checklist that lets you know whether your plant can be grown in a windowsill or whether it needs frequent watering or feeding. An introductory chapter discusses the basics of orchid growth and care, and features “10 Best Tips for Growing Orchids.”

Bloom-Again Orchids will turn you from a would-be orchid fan into the proud owner of healthy plants that thrive and bloom — again and again. By Judy White. Paperback, 132 pp.

“Here’s hope for all who love orchids but fear that they are too difficult to keep alive.” – Chattanooga Times Free Press