Flash Tape

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Birdscare Flash Tape

Protect fruits, vegetables and lawn seedlings from damage! Bird Scare Tape flashes brilliantly as it blows in the wind. Very effective at repelling problem birds from gardens, orchards, boats, etc.

Unique Features:
• Protect ripening fruits, vegetables and seedlings
• Environmentally safe — No toxic chemicals!
• Mirror-like reflective mylar is very effective
• Discourages waterfowl from messing on docks and boats
• Effective and easy to use!

Size: 290′ roll

For best results, install just before crops start to ripen and remove after harvest. Adjust tension just enough to remove slack (without removing spiral), then tie off. If possible, place ABOVE crop to be protected.

Grower’s Tip:
Try suspending several 2′ to 4′ long strips above your garden with bamboo poles spaced every 10 feet.

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