Bed Bug Killer (Carpet & Mattress)

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Bed Bug Killer

EcoSMART Bed Bug Killer contains a patented blend of organic plant oils that kills bed bugs and their eggs fast and works for weeks — with NO harmful residues or synthetic toxins! Contains a fresh natural scent and is SAFE around children and pets.

Available size: 14 oz Spray

For best results, vacuum beds, upholstered furniture and rugs, especially where the wall and flooring meet, near the head of the bed.

Mattress Applications: Remove and wash ALL bedding in hot water. Remove the mattress and box spring from the bed and spray Bed Bug Killer across all folds, tufts, seams and edging until damp. Also, spray the seams and underside of the box spring. Allow to dry completely before placing back on the bed. Repeat if necessary.

Carpet Applications: Spray carpets using a back and forth sweeping motion. Pay special attention to areas where insects may hide, including under and around the bed. Spray until damp. Allow carpets to dry completely and vacuum again. Repeat if necessary.

Active Ingredients:
2-Phenethyl Propionate ….. 3.0%
Peppermint Oil ….. 1.5%
Rosemary Oil ….. 1.5%
Other Ingredients ….. 94.0%

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