Septic Care

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Bac-Out Septic Care 1

Includes Live Enzymes! Biokleen Bac-Out Septic Care combines the latest technology of enzymes with natural live cultures for the ultimate septic treatment and maintenance. Enzymes work to break down household waste, grease, fats and other organic matter into a food source the cultures eat and then digest safely into minerals, water and oxygen.

Unique Features:
• Digests household waste and odors — naturally!
• Superior to enzyme-only based products
• NO artificial fragrance, colors or preservatives
• Safe for humans, animals and plants
• NO animal testing

Available size: Quart (32 oz)

Bac-Out Septic Care’s synergistic blend works better than enzyme-only based products, and is crucial in reducing and eliminating odors, sludge and scum.

Pour 1/2 of container (16 oz) directly into toilet bowl and flush twice. Use once a month to treat up to 1,500 gallons. Proven effective.

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