Atomist Sprayer

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Electric Atomizer Sprayer

Ideal for pest control, foliar feeding & more! Use HD Hudson’s Electric Atomizer Sprayer to apply a wide variety of garden chemicals, including wettable powders. The perfect fogger for any sized job, its fine mist will penetrate pest hiding spots and other “hard-to-reach” areas.

Unique Features:
• Capacity: 2-gallon
• Flow Control: Adjustable
• GPH: 1.5 to 14
• Particle Size: 22-46 (microns)
• Flexible Hose: Yes
• Shoulder Strap: Yes
• Weight: 12.9 lbs.
• Voltage: 110 AC
• Range: 13.5 feet

Fill with spray solution and turn “ON” to thoroughly cover plants. Once operating, the discharge rate of the sprayer can be adjusted from FINE (1.5 – 3.5 gallons per hour – droplet size of 22 microns) to HEAVY (6 – 14 gallons per hour – droplet size of 46 microns).

Owner’s Manual – PDF format