All Surface Cleaner

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All Surface Cleaner

Non-toxic for a safer, healthier home. Restore All Surface Cleaner works on everything from a greasy stovetop to your outdoor furniture. Formulated to be pH neutral so it’s safe and effective for ALL hard surfaces, including wood, granite, marble countertops and stainless steel. This is truly a product that was designed with your beautiful home in mind!

Available size: 22 oz Spray

Apply product to surface to be cleaned. No need to rinse. Just spray and wipe dry.

Ingredients: Made from renewable plant-based solvents (from soy and/or orange rind oil), citric acid (from citrus), biodegradable surfactants, abundant minerals and water.

Contains rapidly biodegradable ingredients that are sewer and septic safe.

Contains no OSHA-listed hazardous ingredients, known carcinogens or common lung irritants.

Safer for indoor air. Not tested on animals.

Purchase by the case and save! Please call 1-800-289-6656 for pricing.