Shower Gel

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Shower Gel

Chock-full of foamy goodness, these rich lathering natural shower gels are truly AMAZING. Sold in 8 oz bottles and available in FOUR luscious flavors/ scents.

Bella Rosa contains geranium essential oils for a lovely fragrant scent.

Black Licorice is strongly scented with anise oil — contains a sweet scent that is pleasing to the senses.

Naked (Unscented) is for the purest! Nothing but soapy goodness in this All Natural Shower Gel.

Pink Grapefruit is light and juicy sweet — perfectly pleasing to just about every palate.

Available size: 8 oz Squeeze Bottle

Apply a small amount to a bath sponge or washcloth and lather with water to create maximum foaminess.

Ingredients: Saponified oils of coconut and olive, jojoba oil, aloe vera, rosemary extract and essential oils.

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