AgroSun Red

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AgroSun Red Sodium Lamps

24,000 hours of life… the longest in its class! AgroSun Red Sodium Lamps are the best choice for enhanced flowering, increased crop volume and supplemental greenhouse lighting. Not only will they produce more, larger and better flowers, but they will do it quicker than common sodium bulbs. Red Sodiums are recommended for situations where high output supplemental light is preferred. One year warranty.

Unique Features:
• Highest lumen output in its class
• German-made quality construction
• Runs on magnetic and digital ballasts
• More red light for better flowering
• Extra blue light for stockier plants

Available Sizes:
400 Watt – 58,000 initial lumens
600 Watt – 90,000 initial lumens
1000 Watt – 146,000 initial lumens

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