Advanced Nutrients Expert Bundle

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Expert Bundle

Advanced Nutrients Expert Bundle 1

Blowout Sale! Offer good while supplies last. The perfect starting place for new growers or for growers accustomed to basic fertilizer programs with some use of yield boosters. The Expert Bundle will increase plant yields an average of 17% over the Hobbyist Level and is part of the pH Perfect Bigger Yields Flowering System. Each box includes three additional Advanced Nutrients products (1 liter each) designed to improve your indoor gardening success.

Piranha – Contains 26 types of beneficial fungi (mycorrhizal & trichodermia) to improve nutrient and water uptake and increases resistance to a wide range of soil diseases and environmental extremes.

Bud Candy – A 100% organic flower booster that provides powerful plant energy when it’s needed most.

Final Phase – Removes excess nutrients from growing mediums and ensures tastier fruits and better smelling flowers.

Each part of the Advanced Nutrients Bigger Yields Flowering System stacks on top of the previous bundle. For example, if you want to give the Expert Grow System a try you will be using additives from both the Hobbyist Bundle and the Expert Bundle. Of course, you will also need to select a pH Perfect Base Nutrient to go with it (Grow-Bloom-Micro, Sensi Grow-Bloom or Connoisseur). Bundle boxes do NOT contain base nutrients.

Feeding charts provided with each bundle box have been developed and refined to give crops optimal nutrient levels and ratios for massive yields every single time. Just add 4 ml per liter of the base nutrients (sold separately) and then 2 ml per liter of the additives customized for and included in each grower bundle.

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