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Adjust-A-Wings 1

The “reflector of choice” for many of the world’s top growers! The Adjust-A-Wing Reflector may be shaped to a wide setting and positioned very close to plants for maximum light intensity and area coverage. Can also be adjusted to more narrow settings and positioned further away to provide the light and heat requirements of more sensitive plants. Includes a socket assembly, which is sold with the cord.

Available Sizes:
Medium (Size: 22″ x 24″ to 27″) – Ideal for 400w & 600w systems
Large (Size: 28″ x 36″ to 40+”) – Ideal for 1000w systems

Product Flyer – PDF format
Layout Tips – PDF format

Super Spreaders – Highly recommended! By attaching the Super-Spreader, these reflectors become even more efficient and may be placed 8″ to 12″ (600 watt) or 12″ to 18″ (1000 watt) above growing plants to produce awesome light levels, increased area coverage and deep foliage penetration without burning or overheating the crop.