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Rain Barrels

Once a fixture outside American homes, the rain barrel is making a comeback among those who want to utilize nature’s gift of moisture while saving money on water bills. Rainwater barrels collect runoff from your roof and other structures, storing it for use later in the season. They’re the water-wise solution to times of undependable showers. Covers, hook-ups, and attachments make collecting and delivering rain water to your garden — when it needs it — easy.

  • Rain Barrel Connector Kit

    Connector Kit

    Allows you to “link” several rain barrels together for increased water storing capacity.

  • Creating Rain Gardens 1

    Creating Rain Gardens

    A must-have for anyone who wants to maximize their water efficiency in the garden.

  • Rain Wizard Diverter

    Downspout Diverter

    Simply attach to your existing gutter system to divert water to your rain saving …

    $39.95 $29.95
  • RainWizard Rain Barrel

    Rain Wizard Barrel

    Here’s a rainwater collection system that’s no-fuss — with a touch of magic.

    $169.50 $99.95
  • Rain Wizard Stand

    Rain Wizard Stand

    Once your rain collection system gets a lift, it’s easy to put a bucket under the …

  • Rain Wizard Urn

    Rain Wizard Urn

    Collects and conserves rainwater with style. Strong, safe, and sophisticated!

  • Great American Rain Barrel

    Recycled Barrel

    Made in the USA from clean, recycled food grade barrels that were once used to …

  • Rain Barrel Pump

    Solar Powered Pump

    Solar powered battery and pump provide enough pressure to run most low pressure …

    $182.95 $149.95