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Hoses & Sprinklers

There's nothing more satisfying — and relaxing — than watering your lawn or garden. Get the water where you want it with these garden hoses and lawn sprinklers. Your plants will reward you with maximum, healthy growth and yields.

  • Garden Hose

    Slim & Light

    This hose will be a true pleasure to work with, and it will last. Made in the USA.

  • Soil Soaker Hose 1

    Soil Soaker

    Conserves water by minimizing run-off and evaporation and will deliver even …

    $22.50 $16.95
  • Coil Garden Hose

    Coil Hose (Lead-Safe)

    Perfect for patio, porch or driveway! Made of 100% FDA approved polyurethane …

  • Hose Bib Extender 1

    Faucet Extender

    Just imagine… NO more crawling through shrubbery to turn on the spigot.

    $27.50 $21.50
  • NeverKink Garden Hose 1

    NeverKink (Kink-Free)

    A heavy duty, kink free garden hose that’s unsurpassed in flexibility, strength …

  • Oscillating Sprinkler 1

    Oscillating Sprinkler

    Available in SIX vibrant colors and includes variable settings to cover up to …

  • Rubber Hose

    Premium Rubber

    Made of the same durable materials as a car tire. Will not crack, resists kinking …

  • Turret Sprinkler 1

    Turret Sprinkler

    Available in SIX vibrant colors and includes a heavy-duty metal base for …