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Slow Release (Dry)

Dry blends and granular, slow release fertilizer is easy to broadcast and suited for broad-area coverage. They release their nutrients slowly — a good watering gets them started — giving you long-lasting, healthy results. We carry a variety of organic formulas designed to encourage growth, blooms and bountiful harvests.

  • Tomato Maker

    Tomato Maker (4-2-6)

    A natural source of major nutrients, plus calcium, magnesium and iron.

    $12.95 $10.50
  • Dr. Earth Kelp Meal

    Kelp Meal (0.6-0.5-2.5)

    Derived from Norwegian seaweed and infused with beneficial microbes.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Acid Loving Plants Fertilizer

    Acid Loving (6-4-4)

    Formulated for use on azaleas, rhododendrons, hydrangeas and more!

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Alfalfa Meal

    Alfalfa Meal (2-1-2)

    Add to flower and vegetable gardens to boost plant growth and blooms.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Alfalfa Meal

    Alfalfa Meal (Organic)

    Derived from sun-cured, non-genetically modified alfalfa that is freshly milled.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • All-Purpose Fertilizer

    All-Purpose (5-5-5)

    Granulated and easy to use, Happy Frog All-Purpose is one of the best!

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Organic Fertilizer Spikes

    All-Purpose Spikes (4-4-4)

    A balanced, slow-release blend designed for ALL fruits, flowers and vegetables.

    $9.50 $6.95
  • American Pride Fertilizer

    American Pride (9-6-6)

    A time-released, biologically active blend of potent, high test plant foods.

    $15.95 $13.95
  • Bio-Live Organic Fertilizer

    Bio-Live (5-4-2)

    A special mix to make sure your plants are covered from leaf tip to root hair.

    $13.95 $11.95
  • Bio-Turf Lawn Fertilizer

    Bio-Turf (8-3-5)

    Keeps your yard looking good through the ups and downs that each year brings.

    $14.50 $12.50
  • Dr. Earth Blood Meal

    Blood Meal (13-0-0)

    A strong source of slow release, organic nitrogen for ALL types of plants.

    $12.50 $10.95
  • Bud & Bloom Booster

    Bloom Booster (4-10-7)

    Promotes MAXIMUM blooms and strong root development in flowering plants.

    $13.50 $8.95
  • Dr. Earth Bone Meal

    Bone Meal (3-15-0)

    Promotes superior roots and fruit development in ALL flowering plants.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Better Bloom Fertilizer (B3)

    Bountea Better Bloom (1.6-3-7)

    Naturally formulated to help plants produce exceptional flowering and fruiting.

    $29.95 $24.95
  • Bulb Food

    Bulb Food (3-15-2)

    A premium organic blend developed for ALL bulbs, rhizomes and tubers.

    $13.50 $8.95
  • Bulb Food

    Bulb Food (3-8-8)

    Contains extra phosphorous for sustained flowering and potassium for plant vigor.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Organic Fertilizer Spikes

    Container Spikes (3-5-6)

    Organic goodness delivered right to the roots of container and bedding plants.

    $9.50 $6.95
  • Dr. Earth Cottonseed Meal

    Cottonseed Meal (5-2-1)

    Excellent for acid-loving plants, like blueberries, azaleas and rhododendrons.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Crab Meal Fertilizer

    Crab Meal (4-3-0)

    Crops love this by-product of the Pacific Northwest Dungeness crab harvest.

    $9.50 $7.95
  • Age Old Dry Fruit

    Dry Fruit (2-10-20)

    Formulated for the specific needs of fruit bearing shrubs, bushes and trees.

    $6.95 $4.95
  • Organic Feather Meal

    Feather Meal (12-0-0)

    Made from hydrolyzed and ground feathers collected from the poultry industry.

    $13.95 $11.95
  • All-Purpose Feeder Paks

    Feeder Paks (12-10-10)

    Supplies slow release nutrients to your favorite plants for up to 24 months!

    $12.50 $8.95
  • Fish Bone Meal

    Fish Bone Meal (3-18-0)

    An excellent source of slow release phosphorous and calcium, plus trace elements.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Dr. Earth Fish Meal

    Fish Meal (9-4-1)

    A complete source of primary plant nutrients infused with beneficial microbes.

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Organic Fish Meal

    Fish Meal (9-4.5-0)

    Uniquely processed to retain maximum nutrition without using synthetic chemicals.

    $89.95 $82.50
  • Flower Garden Fertilizer

    Flower Garden (4-8-4)

    A hand-crafted blend that promotes bigger, more vigorous blooms.

    $13.50 $8.95
  • Fruit & Flower Fertilizer

    Fruit & Flower (5-8-4)

    Encourages healthy root systems, large bud set and multiple branching.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Fruit Tree Fertilizer (Organic 9)

    Fruit Tree (7-4-2)

    Use to promote hearty root development and robust fruit growth. NO synthetics!

    $13.95 $9.95
  • Age Old Grow Formula

    Grow Formula (8-4-1)

    Provides slow release nitrogen for potting mixes and can be added as a top dressing.

    $6.95 $4.95
  • Age Old In Full-Bloom

    In Full-Bloom (5-10-5)

    A fast-acting, high phosphorous blend used for flower and bud formation.

    $6.95 $4.95
  • Langbeinite Fertilizer

    Langbeinite/ K-Mag (0-0-22)

    Use for plants that need a nutritional boost without a high NPK load.

    $11.50 $9.50
  • LIFE All Purpose Fertilizer

    LIFE All Purpose (5-5-5)

    The same great Pro-Biotic formula with beneficial soil microbes and mycorrhizae.

    $14.95 $12.50
  • Marine Cuisine Fertilizer

    Marine Cuisine (10-7-7)

    A powerful, time-released blend of biologically active plant foods.

    $15.95 $13.95
  • Marine Mineral Magic (M3)

    Marine Mineral Magic (6-0-0)

    A natural plant food, soil life enhancer and organic alternative to chemicals.

    $24.95 $20.50
  • Nature Safe Fertilizer

    Nature Safe (8-5-5)

    A pelleted formula that’s popular for lawns, flowers and vegetable gardens.

    $54.95 $47.95
  • Neem Seed Meal

    Neem Meal (6-1-2)

    Stimulates microbial activity and is excellent for boosting root systems and root crops.

    $14.95 $12.95
  • Organic Garden Fertilizer

    Nutri-Rich (4-3-2)

    Includes essential nutrients and micronutrients that slowly release over time.

    $24.95 $18.95
  • Organic Feeder Paks

    Organic Feeder Paks (8-4-4)

    Each Feeder Pak will supply a plant for up to a year assuring maximum production.

    $2.95 $1.50
  • Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus Fertilizer (Organic 10)

    Palm, Tropical & Hibiscus (6-4-6)

    Use on ALL subtropical and tropical plants to promote bigger blooms — naturally!

    $13.50 $8.95
  • Plant Success Granular

    Plant Success (3-1-2)

    A mixture of beneficial fungi that are well suited to a wide variety of soils and plants.

    $22.50 $18.95
  • Organic Potash

    Potash (0-0-20)

    Palm Bunch Ash has long been known to be an excellent source of potash (K).

    $9.95 $6.95
  • Happy Frog Lawn Fertilizer

    Premium Lawn (8-2-6)

    Gently feeds your lawn and your soil — includes beneficial microbe populations.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Rhododendron, Azalea & Maple Fertilizer (Organic-4)

    Rhododendron & Azalea (4-5-4)

    Use with ALL acid loving plants to stimulate superior buds and beautiful blooms.

    $13.95 $9.95
  • Dr. Earth Rock Phosphate

    Rock Phosphate (0-2-0)

    A long-lasting source of phosphorous — ideal for flowering trees and shrubs!

    $9.95 $8.50
  • Age Old Root Rally

    Root Rally (0-3-0)

    Use to encourage root growth and increase water and nutrient uptake.

    $6.95 $4.95
  • Rose & Flower Fertilizer

    Rose & Flower (5-7-2)

    Designed to promote superior buds and beautiful blooms — without chemicals!

    $13.95 $9.95
  • Rose Growing Fertilizer

    Rose Food (4-4-5)

    Use to create strong plants and increase the color intensity of your flowers.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Fertilizer Spikes for Roses

    Rose Spikes (3-5-3)

    Grow abundant roses and flowering shrubs with these pre-measured spikes!

    $10.50 $8.95
  • Shrimp Meal

    Shrimp Meal (6-6-0)

    Ground shells from Pacific Northwest crustaceans offer an excellent source of chitin.

    $8.50 $6.95
  • Soybean Meal Fertilizer

    Soybean Meal (7-1-2)

    A high-nutrient lift that’s derived from organically grown, GMO-free soybeans.

    $14.95 $12.95
  • Organic Chicken Manure

    Sup’r Green (3-2-2)

    Sup’r Green provides over 5 times more plant food value than steer manure.

    $12.95 $9.50
  • Tomato & Vegetable Fertilizer

    Tomato & Vegetable (7-4-5)

    Contains precise NPK ratios that are designed to maximize fruit set and yields.

    $14.95 $10.95
  • Tomato Plant Food

    Tomato Food (5-1-4)

    Use to maximize yields and to improve the nutritional value of your food.

    $12.50 $8.50
  • Vegan Mix

    Vegan Mix (3-2-2)

    Made from plant materials and minerals, with NO animal products or by-products.

    $11.95 $9.95
  • Tomato, Vegetable & Herb Fertilizer (Organic 5)

    Vegetable Garden (5-7-3)

    Hand-crafted to improve the yields, taste and nutrition of vegetable crops.

    $13.95 $9.95
  • Fertilizer Spikes for Vegetables

    Vegetable Spikes (2-7-4)

    This pre-measured, “in-the-ground” delivery system lasts up to 8 weeks.

    $9.50 $6.95