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Insect Traps & Lures

Insect traps contain no pesticides! They use pheromones (sexual attractants), visual lures (colors and shapes that are attractive to insects), or food to capture pests. And they’re designed not to attract beneficial insects. Whether indoors or out, traps both:

• Monitor pest populations by determining when insects first emerge, their relative numbers and where they are coming from.

• Control pest populations, often keeping them below numbers that will cause real damage. Insect traps not only capture pest but also inhibit their reproduction.

Used in conjunction with other natural pest controls — such as beneficial insects — insect traps can play a major role in your insect control program. Have a specific pest problem you’re dealing with? Call or email us and we can suggest the best trap for you.

  • Pantry Pest Trap 1

    Pantry Pest Trap

    Ready to use anywhere! Safer Brand Pantry Pest Traps are the perfect solution for moths that contaminate stored food products. ...

  • Ant Glue Traps 1

    Ant Glue Traps

    No need to live with unwanted pests! Tomcat Ant Glue Traps, also called glue boards, are an inexpensive way to ...

  • Apple Maggot Trap

    Apple Maggot Traps

    Hang 2-6 traps per tree, depending on size, just as trees are finished blossoming.

    $16.95 $14.50
  • Bed Bug Alert

    Bed Bug Alert

    Detect bed bugs before they bite! Bed Bug Alert is a clear, safe rigid plastic monitoring device that slips between ...

  • Big Bag Fly Trap 1

    Big Bag Fly Trap

    Holds up to 40,000 flies and is scientifically formulated to lure all common …

  • BlackBox Gopher Trap 1

    BlackBox Gopher Trap

    Conventional wire claw and box traps can't match the Victor BlackBox as an effective method of rodent control. Use to ...

  • Blue Sticky Traps

    Blue Sticky Traps

    Seabright Laboratories Blue Sticky Traps contain a special color attractant to protect plants from thrips and leafminers. Each package includes ...

  • Clothes Moth Alert 1

    Clothes Moth Alert

    Say goodbye to smelly moth balls! Safer Brand Clothes Moth Alert contains a powerful pheromone lure to monitor as well ...

  • Cockroach Glue Traps 1

    Cockroach Glue Traps

    Non-poison insect control for homes! Tomcat Cockroach Glue Traps, also called glue boards, are an inexpensive way to capture these ...

  • Codling Moth Trap 1

    Codling Moth Traps

    NO pesticides or toxic chemicals are used to capture the leading cause of wormy …

    $13.50 $10.95
  • Crawling Insect Traps 1

    Crawling Insect Traps

    Contains NO poisons! Victor Insect Traps capture crawling pests including roaches, crickets, centipedes and spiders. Release paper protects the glue ...

  • Deerfly Patches 1

    Deerfly Patches

    Stop pesky deer flies before they bite! Tred-Not Deerfly Patches are incredibly simple, yet AMAZINGLY effective. Just apply to the ...

  • Disposable Fly Trap 1

    Disposable Fly Trap

    Just add water and hang! The RESCUE Disposable Fly Trap catches common nuisance or filth flies - hundreds of the ...

  • Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap 1

    Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap

    The RESCUE Disposable Yellow Jacket Trap catches all major species common to North America. Consists of a two-layer durable plastic ...

  • Fly Magnet

    Fly Magnet

    Uses a patented Poison-Free bait (included) that outperforms all others on …

  • Outdoor Fly Trap

    Fly Trap

    Uses feeding attractants and a powerful pheromone to capture outdoor flies …

  • Fruit Fly Trap 1

    Fruit Fly Trap

    Eliminate pesky gnats from your kitchen with this 100% pesticide-free, yet effective …

  • Gypsy Moth Trap 1

    Gypsy Moth Trap

    Uses a patented Biolure to quickly capture this destructive pest and disrupt its …

  • Hobo Spider Trap 1

    Hobo Spider Trap

    Effective on ALL venomous spiders! The Poison-Free Hobo Spider Trap by Victor is a pre-baited sticky glue board with a ...

  • Mouse Trap

    Humane Mouse Trap

    Incredibly effective! Seabright Laboratories Humane Mouse Trap catches smart mice that others can't. Unique design allows you to safely release ...

  • Indoor Fly Trap

    Indoor Fly Trap

    Attracts and traps flying insects! The Monterey Indoor Fly Trap is a transparent strip of sticky paper that contains glue ...

  • Insect Trap Coating

    Insect Trap Coating

    A natural adhesive used to help rid plants, gardens and greenhouses of insect …

  • Japanese Beetle Trap 1

    Japanese Beetle Trap

    Releases natural floral and sex attractants to lure both male and female beetles.

  • Pine Beetle Repellent

    Pine Beetle Repellent

    Protect your landscaped areas from the most destructive forest pest in North …

    $32.50 $29.95
  • Poison-Free Insect Magnet 1

    Poison-Free Insect Magnet

    The Poison-Free Insect Magnet from Victor uses a patented pheromone attractant to lure roaches, spiders, ants, scorpions, centipedes, crickets and ...

  • POP! Fly Trap 1

    POP! Fly Trap

    Uses a powerful attractant to catch hundreds of the most prevalent fly species.

  • Slug Trap

    Slug Saloon Trap

    Contains NO poisons! The Slug Saloon features a proven design that has been trapping slugs and snails with great success! ...

  • Stink Bug Light

    Stink Bug Light

    Use the RESCUE Stink Bug Light with the RESCUE Stink Bug Trap (not included) to catch overwintering stink bugs indoors... ...

  • Stink Bug Trap 1

    Stink Bug Trap

    Defense for the Home & Garden! The RESCUE Stink Bug Trap contains multiple pheromones to lure and capture pests from ...

  • WHY Trap

    W.H.Y Trap

    Stop guessing which pest is bugging you! The RESCUE! W.H.Y Trap uses three separate attractants to lure 20 different species ...

  • Yellow Jacket Trap 1

    Yellow Jacket Trap

    Hang the RESCUE Yellow Jacket Trap outdoors -- wherever there's a problem! Includes a powerful attractant to draw pests in ...

  • Yellow Sticky Traps 1

    Yellow Sticky Traps

    Use to attract and capture whiteflies, thrips, fungus gnats, flea beetles and more.