Keep your tender seedlings and plants in top form! We offer all the greenhouse accessories you’ll need to water, control ventilation and circulation, organize, and support your plants; making your indoor gardens as efficient and as easy-to-manage as can be.

  • CowPots 1


    A revolutionary seed starting container made from 100% composted manure.

  • Grow Bags

    Grow Bags

    Widely used by nursery professionals, Grow Bags are now available to the …

  • Atomist Sprayer

    Atomist Sprayer

    The perfect fogger for any sized job, its fine mist will penetrate pest hiding spots …

    $279.95 $227.50
  • Bamboo Plant Stakes 1

    Bamboo Plant Stakes

    Ideal for indoor or outdoor use! Many gardeners prefer using these sturdy Bamboo Plant Stakes because they have a smooth, ...

  • Bug Blaster

    Bug Blaster

    NO pesticides required! The Bug Blaster offers safe, non-toxic control of your garden pests. Creates an AMAZING 360° wall of ...

  • Clip-On Fan 1

    Clip-On Fan

    Use just about anywhere to create whisper-quiet air flow to cool rooms and …

  • Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer 1

    Digital Thermometer-Hygrometer

    The large display of the ActiveAir Thermometer with Hygrometer shows current temperature and humidity levels. Records high and low points ...

  • Insect Fogger

    Doktor Doom Insect Fogger

    The biggest benefit to using Doktor Doom Total Release Insect Fogger is that it's made with natural pyrethrum which biologically ...

  • Halls Greenhouse Base 1

    Halls Base

    Galvanized steel base adds 5-inches to the overall height of the building giving …

  • Halls Greenhouse Base (Dark Green) 1

    Halls Base (Green)

    Galvanized steel base adds 5-inches to the overall height of the building giving …

  • Halls Automatic Louver Opener 1

    Halls Louver Opener

    Designed to replace the manual opener on all existing Halls windows and can …

    $79.95 $69.95
  • Halls Adjustable Louver Window 1

    Halls Louver Window

    May be operated manually or fitted with an automatic opener (not included) to …

  • Halls Shade Cloth Kit 1

    Halls Shade Kit

    Provides 50% shade to prevent burning of tender plants and runs on a system of …

    $59.95 $54.95
  • Halls Automatic Vent Opener 1

    Halls Vent Opener

    Uses temperature sensitive cylinders that expand and contract to automatically open …

  • Hand Sprayer (1/2 Gallon)

    Hand Sprayer (2.0 Liter)

    Perfect for houseplants and light duty jobs! The Mondi Mist n' Spray Deluxe Series Hand Sprayer features a wide mouth ...

  • Harvest Basket

    Harvest Basket (Garden Hod)

    Look up in the sky! It's a bird! It's a plane! No, it's an incredibly versatile Garden Hod! First used ...

  • Seedling Heat Mat

    Heat Mat (1-Flat)

    Consistent warmth ensures success! Hydrofarm's Seedling Heat Mat gently warms the rooting area 10-20° Fahrenheit over ambient temperatures to improve ...

  • Hippo Swivel Clip 1

    Hippo Swivel Clip

    Ultimate clamping power! The Tarpline Hippo Swivel Clip is made of a heavy-duty nylon material that resists cracking even at ...

  • Large Dial Thermometer 1

    Large Dial Thermometer

    Superior quality and workmanship. Taylor's Large Dial Thermometer can be used indoors or out and features an over-sized 12" face, ...

  • Lite Tite Tarp Zip-UP 1

    Lite Tite Tarp Zip-UP

    Peel and stick zipper system -- keeps light and dust out! Tarpline Lite Tite Tarp Zip-Up instantly creates easy access ...

  • Magnifier Loupe (30x) 1

    Magnifier Loupe (30x)

    The Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe is ideal for identifying insect pests and plant diseases. Provides a sharp, clear, magnified ...

  • Pedestal Fan

    Pedestal Fan

    Cool off large rooms and growing spaces quickly! This commercial-grade 18" Oscillating Pedestal Fan stimulates natural wind patterns to cool ...

  • Physan 20 1

    Physan 20

    Use as a general disinfectant for cleaning tools, planter trays, pots and soil.

  • Orbital Sprayer

    Planet Natural Orbital Sprayer

    Imagine holding a spray bottle upside down and still being able to dispense liquids... It's now possible with the Planet ...

  • Reusable Plant Markers

    Plant Markers

    Jump Start Plant Markers work with a pencil so they can be erased and used over …

  • Classic Pruning Knife

    Pruning Knife

    This sleek and simple Pruning Knife offers the durability and smooth function …

    $12.95 $9.95
  • Shade Cloth

    Shade Cloth

    Unique lock stitch construction can be cut with scissors to fit any area ​and …

  • Fabric Clip

    Snap Clamps

    Makes it easy to attach row cover and garden netting to PVC pipe frames.

  • Soft Plant Ties 1

    Soft Plant Ties

    Made from flexible wire covered with a soft outer layer, they’re gentle on plants!

  • Tarp Tab Gromm-It 1

    Tarp Tab Gromm-It

    This peel and stick Tarp Gromm-It by Tarpline is used to add perimeter grommets for additional tie down points on ...

  • Tomato Vine Clips

    Tomato Clips

    Perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers... any tall plant! Reusable Tomato Clips make it easy to tie plants to stakes, trellises ...

  • Trellis Netting 1

    Trellis Netting

    Gardeneer Trellis Netting has large 7" reach through mesh for easy harvesting. Perfect for tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, vining fruits and ...

  • Twist Tie with Cutter 1

    Twisty Tie

    Strong and flexible, Twisty Tie is ideal for attaching plants to a support or trellis.

  • Yoyo Plant Support 1

    Yoyo Plant Support

    Keep your indoor garden growing upright with HydroFarm's Plant YoYo. Just hang it above your crop and use the orange ...

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