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Plant Supports & Twine

In gardening, it's the little things that count, like proper spacing, upright growth and fruit support. Keep your garden growing straight and true with our ties, twists (some biodegradable!), plant supports and trellises.

  • Bamboo Plant Stakes 1

    Bamboo Plant Stakes

    Ideal for indoor or outdoor use! Many gardeners prefer using these sturdy Bamboo Plant Stakes because they have a smooth, ...

  • Bird X Netting

    Bird-X Netting

    Bird-X is a lightweight netting designed to protect fruits and berries from thieving …

  • Eco-Twist Plant Ties 1

    Eco-Twist Plant Ties

    Natural & Biodegradable. Eco-Twist paper wrapped plant ties are perfect for dozens of uses around the home and garden. Includes ...

  • Garden Tape (150-feet) 1

    Garden Tape

    Ideal for tomatoes, vines, vegetables and flowers. Bond Garden Tie Tape is durable, flexible and strong. Perfect for supporting stems ...

  • Garden Twine 1

    Garden Twine

    Ideal for plant support! Heavy-duty Garden Twine is made from 3-ply 100% natural jute fiber -- provides greater ounce for ...

  • Kwik Grips Plant Ties 1

    Kwik Grips

    Made of Velcro® like fabric, Kwik Grips are flexible and reusable year after year.

  • Soft Plant Ties 1

    Soft Plant Ties

    Made from flexible wire covered with a soft outer layer, they’re gentle on plants!

  • Tomato Trellis

    Stake It Easy

    Easy to use and expandable! The Stake It Easy Tomato Trellis is a plant staking system that's perfect for most ...

  • Sturdy Plant Tie 1

    Sturdy Plant Tie

    Great for fastening vegetable limbs and vines to a garden support, trellis or …

  • Tomato Vine Clips

    Tomato Clips

    Perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers... any tall plant! Reusable Tomato Clips make it easy to tie plants to stakes, trellises ...

  • Stake Straight Tree Support Kit 1

    Tree Supports

    Made from recycled materials, each kit includes recycled plastic stakes and …

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  • Trellis Netting 1

    Trellis Netting

    Gardeneer Trellis Netting has large 7" reach through mesh for easy harvesting. Perfect for tomatoes, peas, cucumbers, vining fruits and ...

  • Twist Tie Dispenser (66-feet) 1

    Twist Tie Dispenser (66-feet)

    Ideal for tying plants, vegetables, vines and more. The Bond Twist Tie Dispenser contains plastic coated twisty ties that can ...

  • Twist Tie with Cutter 1

    Twisty Tie

    Strong and flexible, Twisty Tie is ideal for attaching plants to a support or trellis.

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