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Plant Protection

You’ve worked hard to make your organic garden the best it can be. Provide plant protection against frost, pests, deer and other nuisances. Check out our covers, netting, cold frames, even high-tech deterrents to bring yourself peace-of-mind while shielding your precious growing things from harm. Why worry? Protect!

  • FlowerHouse SeedHouse

    Seed House

    Made with GRO-TEC, an incredibly tough material that's UV resistant and lets …

  • Wall O' Water

    Wall O’ Water

    Start tomatoes, peppers, squash or other plants 6-8 weeks earlier, without fear …

    $14.95 $9.95
  • Bird X Netting

    Bird-X Netting

    Bird-X is a lightweight netting designed to protect fruits and berries from thieving …

  • Natural Burlap 1

    Burlap Fabric

    A 100% biodegradable landscape fabric that is perfect for hundreds of yard …

    $7.95 $6.50
  • Cold Climate Gardening (2nd Edition) 1

    Cold Climate Gardening

    How to Extend Your Growing Season by at Least 30 Days. Northern gardeners are allowed fewer mistakes. Yet many of ...

  • Floating Row Cover 1

    Floating Row Cover

    Enhance plant and seedling growth while protecting them from cold, wind and insects. Made of premium grade spun-bond polyester, Harvest-Guard ...

  • Four Season Harvest 1

    Four Season Harvest

    Coleman's book will have you feasting on fresh garden produce all through …

  • FreezePruf Frost Protector 1

    FreezePruf Frost Protector

    Frost protection for vegetables, fruits and ornamentals. FreezePruf protects the plant externally and internally by enhancing both its natural "anti-freeze" ...

  • Garden Staples 1

    Garden Staples

    Made in the USA from recycled steel. Dalen Garden Staples help secure landscape fabric, drip/ soaker hoses and more. Easy ...

  • Double Cold Frame

    Halls Double

    Ideal for the cultivation of small plants and vegetables, especially in the early spring.

  • Single Cold Frame

    Halls Single

    Offers 6 square feet of growing area and ships complete with 2 hinged sliding …

  • Hand Magnifier (100x) 1

    Hand Magnifier (100x)

    Impressive 100x zoom power helps identify insect pests and plant diseases. The Active Eye Illuminated Hand Magnifier provides a sharp, ...

  • Hand-Held Microscope (60-100x) 1

    Hand Microscope (60-100x)

    Know your enemy! The Active Eye Hand Microscope adjusts from 60 to 100x and provides an illuminated, distortion-free image that's ...

  • Hotkaps


    An individual greenhouse for every plant! Original Hotkaps have been used for decades by commercial growers and farmers to protect plants ...

  • Magnifier Loupe (30x) 1

    Magnifier Loupe (30x)

    The Active Eye Illuminated Magnifier Loupe is ideal for identifying insect pests and plant diseases. Provides a sharp, clear, magnified ...

  • Frost Fabric

    N-Sulate Frost Fabric

    Enjoy your garden longer! DeWitt's 1.5 oz. Frost Fabric (N-Sulate) is a medium weight, permeable, UV treated cloth designed to ...

  • Double Cold Frame

    Poly-Tex Double

    Adjustable covers give you easy access to plants while providing excellent ventilation.

  • ScareCrow Sprinkler

    ScareCrow Sprinkler

    A startling burst of water keeps unwanted animals (and birds) out of gardens …

  • Shade Cloth

    Shade Cloth

    Unique lock stitch construction can be cut with scissors to fit any area ​and …

  • Fabric Clip

    Snap Clamps

    Makes it easy to attach row cover and garden netting to PVC pipe frames.

  • Wall O Water Repair Kit 1

    Wall O Water Repair Kit

    Sprung a leak? Have no fear the Wall O Water Repair Kit is here! Easy to use, just insert the ...

  • What's Wrong With My Plant? 1

    What’s Wrong With My Plant?

    A Visual Guide to Easy Diagnosis and Organic Remedies. Dealing with a sick plant is one of the most frustrating ...

  • Dig Deeper (Articles)