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Containers & Pots

Get your plants off to the best start in these practical, affordable containers. We carry traditional nursery pots of all sizes, grow bags, buckets, smart pots that encourage proper root structure, pots made of recyclable materials (including composted cow manure!) and accessories including saucers and risers — even kits to make your own from newspaper. Get potting!

  • CowPots 1


    A revolutionary seed starting container made from 100% composted manure.

  • Grow Bags

    Grow Bags

    Widely used by nursery professionals, Grow Bags are now available to the …

  • 5 Gallon Buckets 1

    5 Gallon Buckets

    Ideal for all kinds of applications! These sturdy 5 Gallon Buckets are tough as nails and will hold their shape, ...

  • CowPots (Bulk) 1

    CowPots (10-Pack)

    Starting plants is easy with these 100% biodegradable pots made by American …

  • EarthBox Organic Kit


    This grow-anywhere container, complete with fertilizer and dialed-in watering …

    $59.95 $47.95
  • Eco Growing System

    Eco Grow (6-Pack)

    Use indoors or out to grow beautiful tomatoes, herbs and vegetables. The Eco Growing System incorporates a patented sub-irrigation reservoir, ...

  • Plant Caddy 1

    Plant Caddy

    Easily move and rotate heavy pots with the Down Under Plant Caddy. Includes 5 high-quality nylon and steel wheels to ...

  • Plant Saucers

    Plant Saucers

    These re-usable plastic saucers are designed to match most standard-sized …

  • Plastic Planters

    Plastic Planters

    Ideal for indoor & outdoor use! These extra-sturdy Black Plastic Planters are similar to the ones seen at nurseries all ...

  • Pot Maker

    Pot Maker

    The Pot Maker recycles old newspaper into ideal starter pots for young transplants and seedlings. Easy to use, just roll ...

  • Pot Risers

    POTRISERS – 100% Recycled

    Invisible pot feet for ALL containers and statuary. POTRISERS low profile design provides discreet elevation of containers and blends seamlessly ...

  • Root Pots 1

    Root Pots

    These soft-sided, fabric planters that allow roots to breathe and water to evaporate …

  • Smart Pots

    Smart Pots

    An innovative, inexpensive, and practically foolproof way to grow potted plants.

  • Square Nursery Pots 1

    Square Pots

    Classic design features a raised bottom and multiple drainage holes to provide …

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