This great summer treat is even better when you grow it yourself. Plant watermelon seeds in well-worked soil under full sun after all danger of frost has passed. Give them plenty of room and keep them well-watered. When the melon responds to a rap from your knuckles with a good resonant thunk, it's ready!

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  • Watermelon, Ali Baba 1

    Ali Baba

    Ali Baba watermelons have hard, light-green rinds that are perfect for shipping and storage. Plants are large and provide heavy ...

  • Watermelon, Blacktail Mountain 1

    Blacktail Mountain

    Sweet, juicy and crisp! Round 9-inch dark green fruits weigh between 6 and 12 lbs.

  • Watermelon, Golden Midget 1

    Golden Midget

    An outstanding little watermelon, with golden yellow rind and salmon pink flesh. Pleasantly sweet, about 3 pounds in weight. Bred ...

  • Watermelon, Moon & Stars 1

    Moon & Stars

    A dark green variety with bright yellow spots on it. Spots range in size from …

  • Watermelon, Orangeglo 1


    Beautiful, deep orange flesh that is very sweet and has an almost tropical flavor! Orangeglo Watermelon produces high yields on ...

  • Watermelon, Petite Yellow (Organic) 1

    Petite Yellow (Organic)

    An excellent market variety! Ideal for small families — and small refrigerators.

  • Watermelon, Stone Mountain (Organic) 1

    Stone Mountain (Organic)

    Southern favorite introduced in 1923 by Hastings Seed Company of Atlanta …

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