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So much sweeter, juicier and extra flavorful than a commercially-raised tomato, homegrown heirloom tomatoes restore one of summer’s greatest pleasures. Start a number of varieties indoors up to two months before last frost. Once in the garden give them plenty of nitrogen-rich composted manure and keep them watered. Some cherry varieties, like candy on the vine, are ready in two months or more after transplanting; bigger varieties can take up to three months before harvest. Fresh sliced, canned, or made into sauces, what could be better than a sumptuous, rich-in-sunshine tomato?

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  • Tomato, Black Krim (Organic) 1

    Black Krim (Organic)

    Full flavor and great yields! Named for the Crimean peninsula in the Black Sea …

  • Tomato, Amana Orange

    Amana Orange

    This bright orange beefsteak-type has a full flavor that most varieties can’t match!

  • Tomato, Amish Paste 1

    Amish Paste

    Delicious flesh is juicy and meaty, excellent for sauces or fresh eating off the vine.

  • Tomato, Aunt Ruby's Green (Organic) 1

    Aunt Ruby’s Green (Organic)

    These wonderful beefsteak fruits — 5″ by 4″ deep — weigh one pound or more.

  • Tomato, Barnes Mountain

    Barnes Mountain

    Beautiful orange fruits, with old-time flavor, are produced in abundance on tall vines.

  • Tomato, Big Rainbow

    Big Rainbow

    Delicious and sweet tasting! Yellow fruit has neon red stripes though the flesh.

  • Tomato, Bison


    Dwarf determinate plants require no staking or pruning and produce deep …

  • Black Icicle Tomato

    Black Icicle

    A great variety for both home gardeners and chefs. Stunning, perfectly shaped …

  • Tomato, Brandywine 1


    Named after Brandywine Creek in Chester County, Pennsylvania. Excellent flavor!

  • Tomato, Brandywine

    Brandywine (Baker Creek)

    A favorite! Brandywine yields large fruit (1 to 2 pounds) with superb flavor.

  • Tomato, Carbon


    A “Best Tasting” award winner. Fruits are dark purple, large and beautiful.

  • Tomato, Cherokee Purple (Organic) 1

    Cherokee Purple

    Very productive plants produce heavy crops of dusty rose colored fruits.

  • Tomato, Cherry Roma 1

    Cherry Roma

    Incredibly heavy set with 1-inch long plum-shaped fruits are great fresh or dried.

  • Tomato, Dr

    Dr. Wyche’s Yellow

    Heavy yields of one pound, yellow-orange fruits. Meaty and rich tasting for a …

  • Tomato, German Lunchbox

    German Lunchbox

    Perfectly sized for salads or putting in a lunchbox! Fruits are sugar sweet and …

  • Tomato, Great White

    Great White

    One of our favorites! Large, one pound fruits are so good and deliciously juicy …

  • Tomato, Green Grape 1

    Green Grape

    A selection made from Thomas Wagner’s Thompson Seedless Grape.

  • green-sausage-tomato

    Green Sausage

    Great for making sauces! Green Sausage is a beautiful yellow fruit with olive …

  • Tomato, Green Zebra 1

    Green Zebra

    Very productive plants yield olive yellow fruits with deep green zebra stripes.

  • Tomato, Ivory Pear 1

    Ivory Pear

    Small fruits are ivory-cream in color, shaped like little pears and very tasty.

  • Tomato, Martino's Roma (Organic) 1

    Martino’s Roma (Organic)

    A mild-flavored Italian variety that's perfectly suited for making sauce, salsa …

  • Tomato, Mexico Midget (Organic) 1

    Mexico Midget (Organic)

    Prolific plants continue producing 1/2″ round fruits throughout …

  • Tomato, Omar's Lebanese

    Omar’s Lebanese

    A rare variety from Lebanon that produces large, delicious fruits — up to 4 lbs.

  • Tomato, Pineapple


    Large yellow fruits have red streaks through the flesh and are one of the most …

  • Tomato, Rutgers 1


    Produces large 8 oz. globes — good fresh or for canning. Strong flavor and …

  • Tomato, Stupice 1


    One of four varieties sent to the U.S. from the former Czechoslovakia by …

  • thessaloniki-tomato


    A popular Greek variety that was introduced to the USA in the 1950s by …

  • Tomato, Tigerella 1


    Tasty, round fruits are bright red with orange stripes and very beautiful.