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These American natives, loaded with Vitamin C, come in hundreds of heirloom varieties and can spice up a favorite dish or be a meal’s centerpiece (think stuffed). Most pepper types prefer plenty of sunshine and long seasons — start them indoors well before spring days turn warm. Try several types — hot, sweet, and flavorful — to add to your favorite salsa recipe or to brighten up stir-frys.

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  • Pepper, Anaheim


    Excellent for roasting or frying. High yielding plants produce fruits that are …

  • Pepper, Aurora (Organic) 1

    Aurora (Organic)

    These beautiful ornamental plants (1-foot tall) are perfect for container gardens.

  • Pepper, Black Hungarian 1

    Black Hungarian

    Dark green foliage is highlighted by purple veins and beautiful purple flowers.

  • Pepper, Bull Nose Bell 1


    Grown at Monticello by Thomas Jefferson and listed in 1863 by Fearing Burr.

  • California Wonder Pepper

    California Wonder

    A popular old-time variety. Sturdy, high-yielding plants produce bell-type …

  • Pepper, Candlelight 1


    Ornamental plants measure less than 16-inch tall. Perfect for containers!

  • Cayenne Pepper


    Vigorous and very productive. Beautiful fruits turn bright-red and …

  • Pepper, Chocolate Beauty 1

    Chocolate Beauty

    Excellent flavor. Shiny bell-type fruits ripen to a gorgeous chocolate brown.

  • Pepper Chocolate Habanero 1

    Chocolate Habanero

    These potent habaneros carry a massive 300,000 Scoville units of heat. HOT!

  • Pepper, Emerald Giant 1

    Emerald Giant

    Vigorous plants produce heavy yields of dark green fruit that turns red when ripe.

  • Pepper, Fish 1


    Traditionally used in crab houses around Chesapeake Bay — MEDIUM HOT.

  • Pepper, Hot Portugal 1

    Hot Portugal

    Sturdy upright plants produce heavy yields early in the growing season.

  • Pepper, Jalapeno Traveler Strain 1


    Sturdy plants are covered in HOT jalapenos that average three inches long.

  • Pepper, Jimmy Nardello's Sweet 1

    Jimmy Nardello

    One of the best sweet varieties you will ever taste! Productive low-growing plants.

  • Pepper, Joe's Long Cayenne 1

    Joe’s Long Cayenne

    Great for fresh eating or drying. Produces heavy sets of finger-thick, 10 to 12″ long …

  • Pepper, Sweet King of the North

    King of the North

    Excellent for short-season growers. Produces nice, blocky fruit that is tasty …

  • Pepper, Lipstick 1


    This Lipstick variety is early to mature and ripens well in northern climates.

  • Pepper, Melrose


    Great fresh or fried. This true Italian variety turns brilliant-red and starts …

  • Pepperoncini pepper


    This popular variety, from southern Italy, is bursting with flavor and just a bit of heat.

  • Pepper, Purple Beauty

    Purple Beauty

    High-yielding, compact plants produce beautiful bell-type fruits with sweet …

  • Pepper, Quadrato d'Asti Giallo 1

    Quadrato d’Asti Giallo

    A favorite! The largest variety we have grown, beautiful and blocky, with …

  • Pepper, Red Marconi 1

    Red Marconi

    Great for frying or fresh eating! This famous Italian variety yields large 7-inch …

  • Pepper, Rooster Spur (Organic) 1

    Rooster Spur (Organic)

    Plants are loaded with 1-1/2″ fruits, 24″ tall. Ideal for container gardening.

  • Pepper, Sheepnose

    Sheepnose (Organic)

    Sheepnose pimento are flavorful with sweet juicy flesh. Keeps for an extended …

  • Pepper, Sweet Chocolate

    Sweet Chocolate (Baker Creek)

    Medium-sized, semi-bell shaped fruits mature early, making this variety …

  • Pepper, Sweet Chocolate (Organic) 1

    Sweet Chocolate (Organic)

    Early bell-type bred by Elwyn Meader and introduced by the University of …

  • Pepper, Sweet Yellow Stuffing

    Sweet Yellow Stuffing

    Great stuffed or pickled! These productive plants yield mini bell-shaped …

  • Pepper, Tequila Sunrise 1

    Tequila Sunrise

    An ornamental plant with delicious fruit. Firm crunchy flesh is mildly sweet …

  • Pepper, Thai Hot (Organic) 1

    Thai Hot (Organic)

    A great plant to grow in pots or in the garden. Small 1/2″ fruits ripen from green …

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