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A Southern favorite and a must for gumbo (delicious fried, too), okra loves warm sun and does best when planted directly in the garden. Shorter growing season? Start indoors four weeks before soil warms, don’t allow plants to become root-bound, and transplant carefully.

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  • Burgundy Okra


    Pods and stems of this tender and delicious variety are a beautiful deep-red.

  • Okra, Clemson Spineless 1

    Clemson Spineless

    A heavy producing variety with tasty pods that are easy to grow. Best picked small.

  • Okra, Emerald


    Deep-green and smooth, these tasty pods are of high quality and very early.

  • Okra, Hill Country Red 1

    Hill Country Red

    South Texas variety. Beautiful 6-foot red-stemmed plants produce wide, green …

  • Okra, Jing Orange 1

    Jing Orange

    This lovely Asian variety produces flavorful 6-inch pods early, even in dry …

  • Okra, Roberie 1


    Plants yield medium-sized pods that are productive over a long growing season.

  • Okra, Star of David 1

    Star of David

    Sturdy, green pods are best picked when around 3-inches long. Israeli variety.

  • Okra, Star of David (Baker Creek) 1

    Star of David (Baker Creek)

    A delicious Israeli variety with short, very thick pods — thicker than most …